NEW REPORT: Items and Performance Report

Published by Miel on

The latest release of wayahead (12 December 2019) has not 1 but 2 major new reports! As they are both based on items in Streamtime, it makes sense that they were both built and released simultaneously.

These reports will provide answers to questions like

  • Which clients are we overservicing?
  • Which team mates are performing better than others?
  • What type of tasks are we good at and what should we outsource instead?
  • What are our upcoming deadlines?
  • Which tasks are at risk of running over time – before they do!!?
  • Which tasks did we forget to assign a deadline to?

Items Report

The Items Report has an overview of items (tasks) in Streamtime, grouped by job. It has multiple view modes:

  • Progress
  • Deadlines
  • Assigned Staff

And it can be filtered in different ways to get you to the key information quicker!

Performance Report

The Performance Report looks at time logged vs time planned. This is the only direct and correct way of accurately measuring your team’s achievements.

Performance can be view by staff, by item (work type) and by client and is always sorted from worst to best so you can focus on what needs your attention most!

Note that both reports are marked as BETA for now, pending the next release of Streamtime, which has a bug fix in the API. Currently the API only returns items for active jobs, whereas of course this report need archived tasks as well to dive into the historic data!

Xero integration

Another major improvent is the Xero integration for Sales Budgets in the Revenue Forecast and Management Reports!

Just enable this in the Reporting Preferences. wayahead (only) reads the Budget Data from Xero and projects it against the forecasted revenue from Streamtime, making sure you have time to adjust before it’s too late!

Other Changes

  • Improvements to Revenue Forecast, so that it also displays negative values. We’re also investigating a way of including expenses to forecast gross profit!
  • Fixes to Revenue Forecast. There was a display issue when one of 2 forecast pills in the same month was moved.
  • Renamed Timesheet Graphs report to Utilisation for consistency.