Product Update 5 September 2019

Published by Miel on

Lots of changes have been made to the app in the recent weeks, here’s a list:


  • Invite your team members to wayahead from within the staff setting.
  • Better account status messages. You’ll clearly see when the trial is running out or when it’s expired.
  • Better error handling
  • Spinners have been added to several reports to block the interface while data is loading and being processed.
  • Delete report users if they should no longer have access to the app.

Staff Report

  • Inner most circle now shows total time recorded for the week instead of person’s initials.
  • A new tiny graph shows the billable target for each person, so you can see who has reached their billable target.
  • Changed summary details in modal, making sure it has all relevant numbers.
  • Added filter by Team and by Person so if you have a large team, you don’t have to scroll through the entire list if you’re only looking for the people in your department.

Invoice Profit

  • Speed improvements by fetching less data from Streamtime.
  • Added graph monhtly for revenue by client. This shows you who the largest clients are and lets you compare month to month.
  • Added list for total revenue by client, so you can now compare who the top clients are for both revenue and gross profit.
  • Updated colour coding.


  • Updated colour coding for consistency with other reports.


  • The jobs dashboard now reports on active jobs by default.
  • Added team filter to Billable Hours This month, so you can compare how individual teams are performing
  • Added buttons to see previous month, so you can still see the month’s results even after the month has ticked over.
  • Better information explaining what rate is used to calculate the different amounts.


  • Issue with active quotes resolved. Was showing all quotes rather than just the active ones.