Product Updates: May 2020

Published by Miel on

This article covers a serieus of updates throughout the month of May. There are some major updates to the forecast and heaps of small improvements all across the app!

  • The Forecast Report now allows for both positive forecasts, i.e. revenue, as well as negative forecasts, i.e. third party costs. This essentially means that the Forecast Report is now a Profit Forecast Report and not just a Revenue Forecast report. The interface changes as soon as you enter negative amounts, breaking the results up on revenue, cost and gross profit!
  • Overall the forecast is also a lot more user friendly, displaying the headers and the footers simultaneously and allowing for horizontal scrolling. To avoid accidental entries, you now double click to either add or change an existing pill.

We made a training video on the new forecast to help you find your way around!

  • Additionally, if a job has a missing sales budget, you can now modify the job budget and save it back to Streamtime directly from the Forecast and you can set a maximum third party budget for each job!
    The graphs can then show you both budgeted against forecasted results, to make sure you don’t run into any surprises!
  • Better Xero integration: You can now pull in the sum of sales budget targets from Xero from multiple revenue and sales accounts. wayahead lets you choose which accounts to add together as a sales target to compare to the sales forecast.
  • You can now personalise the reports that are emailed out with your own company logo, via the reporting preferences.
    And you can choose your own avatar picture via My Profile.
  • The time entry section in the monthly management report now also contains totals per team as well as a grand total.
  • The jobs report has an important change in the sense that, to calculate the month’s maximum available hours, it will look into the future to see if any more time off work is planned in. This makes both the max hours available as well as the projected billable result more accurate right from the start.
    Further improvements were made to the popovers, showing even more details as well as clearer comments on what all the numbers mean.
    On top of that, you can also download the raw time entry data from the job report settings menu in case you wish to make some further calculations of your own.

Overall improvements around the app include:

  • The Items/Performance report, was made more responsive
  • Consistency in colour coding across the reports
  • Improvements to the styling on output timesheets
  • Fix on searching and outputting timesheets when searching by labels.
  • Reports that allow searching/filtering by account manager, now allow for both account manager labels on the company as well as on the job.
  • The ‘remember me’ function was improved so that it… err… actually remembers you. This means getting logged out less frequently.
  • New users invited to wayahead do not automatically become administrators.