Product Update: Email Job Profit & Recovery Report

Published by Miel on

New Automated PDF Report: Job Profit & Recovery

This month we expand our automated reports with a new tool: The job profit and recovery report. The goal of this new report is to have a companion to the on screen report as a reminder to sanitise and wrap up all completed and archived jobs. The report lists all jobs you finished in the previous week or month, grouped by account manager.

When running the on screen Job Profit & Recovery report, we often see jobs that skew the client average. This could be because the purchase orders haven’t been marked with the right status or because not all time has been entered. Perhaps we were waiting for a supplier bill to send out the final invoice to the client. This new PDF summary gives you a chance to fix all of these issues before the jobs is truly archived and forgotten about.

Like the other PDF reports, you can choose who’s jobs are included. So each account manager can get a summary of their own jobs to validate.

The checklist at the end of the report reminds you of some of the things you need to tick off before permanently archiving the job.

Updates to the WIP at Risk report

There have also been some changes to the WIP at Risk Report. The PDF has a prettier layout, additional information (planned vs budget, used vs planned) and an entire extra section for flagging problematic time entries made in the last week.

Mails from wayahead

During the upcoming holiday season we will be updating our emails. The automated reports are currently still sent from, but in the future those mails will come from You may need to add this address to your address book or make sure your server doesn’t flag it as spam.