wayahead is for people who wanna move forward, for those who’ve had enough of doing the same tedious task manually over and over. Because they realise that this is time consuming, error sensitive and mind-numbing. Because they want to skip ahead, way ahead straight to the end result.

The wayahead app

The waya­head app is a cloud based tool that offers insight­ful busi­ness reports for agen­cies using Stream­time project man­age­ment, through its API.

There are a bunch of stan­dard reports, cov­er­ing impor­tant aspects of the agency such as util­i­sa­tion, per­for­mance, fore­cast­ing, prof­itabil­i­ty, cash­flow, job insights and much more.

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Custom development

Do you have a very spe­cif­ic type of report you require? waya­head offers bespoke devel­op­ment to help. Togeth­er we trans­late what you require into the exact spec­i­fi­ca­tions of a new report. Whether it is a cus­tom busi­ness report or an inte­gra­tion with anoth­er app, as long as the data is avail­able and the ser­vice is acces­si­ble through an API, we can devel­op a solu­tion. waya­head has built inte­gra­tions with apps such as Xero, Hub­spot, Tim­ing App, Click­Up, Microsoft Dynam­ics 365, Bright HR, Data Val­ley and Stripe.

Just get in touch and tell us what you need and we’ll let you know what we can do.


waya­head was found­ed by me, Miel, in 2018 and the app first saw the light in the sum­mer of 2019. Hav­ing worked for Stream­time for near­ly 10 years, I helped numer­ous cre­ative agen­cies with the roll­out and opti­mi­sa­tion of their project man­age­ment system.

Cre­at­ing reports has always been a favourite. What­ev­er the chal­lenge, if the data was there, there had to be away to cre­ate the report we need­ed. And if there was a way to make it, the next chal­lange was to make it quick­er, eas­i­er and prefer­ably automated.

At the base there was a very thor­ough under­stand­ing of the Stream­time plat­form, which data is avail­able and how dif­fer­ent data­base tables relate to one anoth­er. At first data was export­ed to spread­sheets, where clever for­mu­la’s would turn vast amounts of data into log­i­cal infor­ma­tion. When Stream­time was still a File­Mak­er based plat­form, I first start­ed devel­op­ing cus­tom reports in File­Mak­er and lat­er moved to use the Stream­time Clas­sic API to cre­ate web based reports.

Under­stand­ing that this is a win-win, Stream­time built and released the API on their new cloud based app, allow­ing me to build a suite of reports that would help agen­cies get the insights they need.