Agency reports made easy

wayahead offers easy and insightful business reports for Streamtime project management.

Reporting for Streamtime

  • Reporting made easy.

    Over 20 business reports at your finger tips.

    Indus­try stan­dard reports around rev­enue, prof­it, effi­cien­cy, fore­cast­ing, util­i­sa­tion, per­for­mance and much more, with a click of a but­ton. waya­head offers indis­pens­able insights in your oper­a­tions to let you achieve your busi­ness goals.

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  • Time saving

    Quick and accurate information

    Too often, spread­sheets are the go to solu­tion for com­plex busi­ness report­ing. But it’s hard to com­bine data from dif­fer­ent sources, they are eas­i­ly bro­ken and the minute you’re fin­ished, they’re already out of date. waya­head offers you in-depth busi­ness reports that are always up to date at a click of a but­ton, sav­ing you hours ever week or every month.

  • More information

    Get new insights

    waya­head will give you infor­ma­tion you won’t oth­er­wise get. Because most agen­cies can’t be both­ered with the witch­craft and wiz­ardry it takes in spread­sheets to get to the right results. Nor can they spare the time. But if those insights are just a click away that turns the tables, allow­ing you to analyse your busi­ness from more dif­fer­ent angles than ever before.

  • finding flaws

    Make better data

    You can think of the reports in waya­head as a bird’s eye view of your agency. Unex­pect­ed num­bers in the reports are often caused by flaws in the data. Use the reports to zoom in on the data and find those mis­takes, cor­rect them in Stream­time and then run the report again with the improved results. Over time, this helps make due dili­gence sec­ond nature for the team.

  • Customized solutions

    Tailor made reports

    waya­head can also help with tai­lor made report­ing require­ments or inte­gra­tions. Per­haps you have a report you’ve been cre­at­ing man­u­al­ly for years and you’d like to repli­cate it in waya­head. Or per­haps you want to take out some tedious repet­i­tive task of man­u­al­ly inte­grat­ing Stream­time with anoth­er app. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll work out a way to offer an auto­mat­ed solution.


  • Summarise

    Core busi­ness data graphed out and sum­marised by client, account man­ag­er, job type and much more.

  • Automated reports

    Gen­er­ate auto­mat­ed reports from Stream­time data, with­out hav­ing to export csv

  • Integrate

    Merge data from dif­fer­ent tools, like tar­gets from Xero and fore­casts from Streamtime.

  • Clarify

    Make issues float to the sur­face and get indepth insights into how the busi­ness is going. Make your gut feel­ing tangible.

  • No Click Reporting

    Reports drop in your mail­box auto­mat­i­cal­ly at the same time very week or month.

  • Enrich Data

    Enrich the data from Stream­time to get more detailed infor­ma­tion, like bill­able vs non bill­able time recorded.

  • Info, not data

    Turn high vol­umes of data into mean­ing­ful infor­ma­tion, by sum­maris­ing it in log­i­cal ways.

  • Live data

    Con­trary to spread­sheets, your data is live and always in sync with Streamtime.

  • Two way communication

    No need to switch between apps. Update Stream­time from with­in wayahead

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Don't just take our word for it...

  • wayahead is exactly what we have been waiting for to add to the fantastic Streamtime software. It gives us the information we need as well as highlighting when information isn’t quite right. Miel is a pleasure to work with and constantly listens and helps to make his software the best it can be.

    Studio Giggle (UK)
  • wayahead has really helped fill the gaps in our reporting needs. It helps provide insights into all the different metrics from Streamtime that helps our business improve. The best part is Miel is incredibly helpful during the setup process and ongoing support is excellent.

    Icon Agency (AUS)
  • wayahead reporting takes Streamtime to the next level. The data we are able to get from wayahead has enabled us to have great visibility of how our jobs and our team are performing against targets. We not only get great data but we also save hours of time that we would have spent to produce this data/reporting ourselves and the automated weekly/monthly reports are a much appreciated added bonus.

    wayahead have also worked closely with us to customise reports which are instrumental to our day to day workings.

    I would highly recommend wayahead as an add-on to Streamtime – a MUST HAVE for any Streamtime customer.

    James Phillip Design (AUS)
  • The wayahead team helped us create a customised dashboard for our Agency. All our financial data is streamlined, instant, and automated.

    We can now view our team workflow and production forecasts in real-time which not only saves us hours of reporting each month but also helps us make better business decisions.

    Smack Bang (AUS)
  • We have worked with Streamtime for a number of years and out of the box it’s good. It captures the data and works in a linear way that suits us and our clients. But, sometimes you need to deep dive into that data and really show you the information and reporting you need to run a 21st century agency. That’s where Miel comes in. wayahead gets us to more usable, useful reports that help our studio and business run even more effectively. wayahead is what turns Streamtime into a game-changer.

    Optima Graphic Design Consultants (UK)
  • Wayahead is a useful reporting tool that enables us to get more from our Streamtime data, supporting us to monitor, evaluate and improve our work. It’s great to have the option to set up automated reports to land in your inbox when you choose. Miel is always responsive and helpful when we have a query or request and continues to develop the platform so that it offers more options and insights.

    Low & Behold
  • We’ve been using wayahead since we switched over to Streamtime. The extra reporting and analysis it allows us to do is invaluable.

    Lesniak Swann
  • wayahead is a clever, intuitive reporting platform that I wish I had discovered a long time ago. The integration of the app with Stream Time is easy to set up and seamless. Seeing all the data getting pulled through into visual and accessible charts is extremely satisfying. The data is captured in all manner of reports so that data can be interpreted and used to inform and improve our agency operations.

    Miel has been impressive from the start taking us through the platform, so we were able to understand it fully before making any decisions to sign up and the onboarding of the platform has been a great success.

    You get a real feeling that you have collaborated with a partner that is there with you to help your company constantly improve ways of working.

    Keep up the great work wayahead!

    RDP Marketing

Awesome business reports, without spreadsheets and geeky formulas!

Pro­duc­ing great busi­ness reports does­n’t have to be a tedious, over­whelm­ing task. If you aren’t a genius with spread­sheets and for­mu­las, you can still pro­duce great results. Promised!

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