Custom Development

Talk to us if you have a question about custom development. We can help with custom reports for Streamtime, but also integrations between Streamtime and other systems.

Custom reports for Streamtime

Most cus­tom devel­op­ment at waya­head is for cus­tom busi­ness reports for Stream­time. Clients come to us with a spe­cif­ic demand of how data should be col­lat­ed, processed and dis­played in waya­head. In some more advanced cas­es, the data from Stream­time is enriched with data cre­at­ed and stored in waya­head, such as sales tar­gets or media.
Occa­sion­al­ly, if a cus­tom report is deemed to be use­ful for a wide range of clients, we some­times decide to build the report at no charge and make it avail­able to every waya­head cus­tomer. In oth­er cas­es, it suf­fices to make a few minor tweaks to an exist­ing report, so no cus­tom devel­op­ment is required. Our core busi­ness is the waya­head app. While it’s nice to know there is always a solu­tion for your spe­cif­ic needs, it’s not the pol­i­cy to push as many clients as pos­si­ble towards cus­tom reports.

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"The wayahead team helped us create a customised dashboard for our Agency. All our financial data is streamlined, instant, and automated."

Smack Bang


Anoth­er com­mon type of cus­tom devel­op­ment is for inte­gra­tions with oth­er tools than Stream­time. Some­times cus­tom reports need to pull in data from mul­ti­ple sources at once. In oth­er cas­es, data has to be exchanged or syn­chro­nised between Stream­time and oth­er plat­forms. We have built inte­gra­tions with plat­forms such as Xero, Hub­spot, Stripe, Mon​day​.com, Click­Up, Tim­ing, BrightHR and many others.

"I’ve really enjoyed working with wayahead to integrate and tighten up our systems. The best decision I’ve made this year!"

Studio Fury


Before Stream­time was a cloud based app, it was based on the File­Mak­er plat­form, so we can still offer File­Mak­er devel­op­ment, prefer­ably in rela­tion to Stream­time Classic.