NEW Reports: Work in progress

It's a daily battle for project managers to keep all the plates turning – having to manage budgets, planning, deadlines, assignments, purchases and amendments for a bunch of jobs in progress at any given time. So it's all the more disappointing when a job goes off the rails and you didn't catch it on time.

On screen report

The work in progress can be found under the Finan­cial sec­tion. The report flags when a part of the job is over ser­viced, focussing on one of 3 poten­tial problems:

1. Over ser­vic­ing on Com­plete Items

waya­head gives you a progress report on the com­plet­ed items only, so can eas­i­ly see if you have over ser­viced on a project on the part you have com­plet­ed so far.<br>Say a large job has 20 items and you have com­plet­ed 6 of them. In Stream­time you may see that you’ve used £3,500 out of the total planned £16,000, noth­ing to wor­ry about, right? But what if the 6 com­plet­ed items were only planned for £2,500? Then you’re only 16% into the project and you’ve already over ser­viced the job by £1,000 or 40%!<br>Catching this ear­ly, may allow you to reduce the planned time on the remain­ing items or con­tact the client in case the scope of the work was changed.

2. Over ser­vic­ing on In Play / Over­due items

The sec­ond area of focus is items in play, in par­tic­u­lar those that are over­due. If an item was due last week and we already record­ed time against it, we could assume the work is prob­a­bly done. If we have already spent more time than allowed, we must flag the job and take action. waya­head will show you over ser­vic­ing against these items

3. Extra Hours Tracked

There is nev­er real­ly any rea­son to record extra hours on a job. Any time record­ed that was­n’t planned is poten­tial­ly push­ing the job over it’s bud­get. Extra hours are often record­ed because an item is miss­ing on the job or because the cor­rect item was­n’t selected.

Tailored for your needs

By default, waya­head only lists jobs with poten­tial issues so you can focus on the prob­lems. You can choose which columns are shown on the screen and save your choice for lat­er. The report can also be fil­tered by account manager.

Final­ly you can also exclude cer­tain items from the report, e.g. you always book account man­age­ment time on an item called meet­ings and pro­pos­al’, but since this time isn’t esti­mat­ed, you don’t want it to inter­fere with the WIP reporting.

Automated report

In addi­tion to the on screen report, waya­head also allows you to cre­ate auto­mat­ed sched­ules to send PDF sum­maries on a week­ly or even dai­ly basis direct­ly to your mail box.

The report can be bro­ken down by project man­ag­er and you can set up sched­ules so that each one receives a per­son­alised issue report of their own jobs.

You can choose whether the PDF should include a list of ALL bill­able jobs or only a list of jobs at risk and you can choose which cat­e­gories should be flagged.