Product update: Forecasting for Streamtime

Revenue forecasting is an important financial tool for any creative agency!

It enables the man­age­ment team to make informed deci­sions for the busi­ness and helps account man­agers jus­ti­fy hir­ing extra help if there is more work than the team can handle.

Most agen­cies already cre­ate a fore­cast in Excel, but usu­al­ly it is no more than an export of the work in progress with some extra fig­ures added in. It time con­sum­ing to cre­ate and tedious or near impos­si­ble to keep it up to date with the many changes a cre­ative stu­dio is fac­ing day in day out. In the best case sce­nario the team will pro­duce a fore­cast at the start of each month, which is already out of date the very next day. Very frustrating!

waya­head now offers an easy way to cre­ate the rev­enue fore­cast and keeps the data linked direct­ly to your work in progress in Stream­time so it’s always up to date! Infor­ma­tion is manip­u­lat­ed with the same ease as keep­ing an Excel file up to date and the results are added up on the fly to give a 12 month forecast.

Just click on a month next to a job to add a fore­cast item, drag it to any oth­er month or click again to mod­i­fy the amount. Easy as that! waya­head works out how much there is left to invoice on the job and auto­mat­i­cal­ly pre­pop­u­lates the fore­cast amount on your behalf. All fore­cast items are added up to a month­ly total and the result for the year to come is also shown as a graph.

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The fore­cast is either built up with draft invoic­es from Stream­time (shown in a met­al pill) or with fore­cast items stored in waya­head (shown as a yel­low pill), so you’re free to choose what works best for you. Any change made to the fore­cast auto­mat­i­cal­ly updates the totals per job and per month as well as the graph.