Product Update: Improved Utilisation Report

The Staff Utilisation report is meant to show you information about recorded time for one week from every possible angle, breaking down the time by person, by category, by date and so on.

The old pref­er­ence for load­ing the 10 week trend – a sum­ma­ry of total time tracked across 10 weeks – has been replaced with a smarter and more detailed system.

First of all, the pref­er­ence is gone. Rather than always or nev­er load­ing the 10 week trend, this is replaced with a but­ton where you decide exact­ly when you wish to load this data heavy infor­ma­tion. Once the data is loaded, it is processed and bro­ken down by cat­e­go­ry, so you have a lot more insight­ful infor­ma­tion about trends over the last 10 weeks.

The graph can either be dis­played as a sim­ple line graph or as an area chart, where the dif­fer­ent val­ues are stacked up togeth­er for even more insights. Tog­gles on the side, let you choose to view the graphs for all staff, per team mem­ber or by indi­vid­ual, giv­ing you detailed infor­ma­tion, e.g. about who is con­sis­tent­ly miss­ing timesheets, who is meet­ing their bill­able tar­gets or who is doing heaps of overtime.