Personalising Automated Reports

Published by Miel on

wayahead offers automation for weekly timesheet reports, timesheet reminders and monthly management reports.

The weekly timesheet report shows staff utilisation across the week, broken down in billable, non billable, sales time and time off. The monthly management report offers the same over a month, but offers an additional breakdown of how time was spent (by client) and also has financial information, such as billing summaries and forecast.

Use the timesheet reminders, or the ‘slacker’ emails, to automatically remind your staff if they haven’t completed their timesheets. It sure beats having to go around the office chasing them in person. The slacker emails can be configured with both a custom message and a custom threshold (min. % completed).

Each of these reports shows a standard wayahead logo, but did you know you can replace that with your own?

Just upload your own company logo via the Reporting Preferences.