wayahead app

When running a creative studio, it is crucial to have the right information available at a click of a button. You shouldn’t have to wait for week’s end or month’s end – when the accounts team makes time to crunch some numbers in a spreadsheet – in order to get a grip on staff performance or profitability.

The wayahead app was built to add insightful reports to Streamtime project management for creatives. Using the API, data is retrieved from Streamtime and converted into easy to read information.

Note, wayahead is only for the new Streamtime, but we also offer reports for Streamtime Classic.

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Available reports

Staff utilisation

Tracking if projects were delivered within budget requires you to track both expenses and time spent. Studio managers often end up checking staff’s timesheets and chasing after them.
The staff performance report gives you various timesheet overviews at a glance. Weekly overviews tell you how much billable vs non-billable time was logged, how efforts were spread over the week and how each staff member is performing over a longer period of time.

Invoice Report

The invoice report gives you a detailed breakdown of billing for each financial year, either as revenue or as contribution (revenue – third party costs). The report gives you a breakdown by client, by account manager, by job type, by month and by quarter. The information can be viewed in interactive graphs as well as detailed tables.

Retainer report

The retainer report gives you insights into client retainers, regardless of whether everything is recorded under a single job, one job per month or spread out over 40 jobs.
wayahead will show you a retainer dashboard, a detailed breakdown of movements for each month and the current balance of a client’s retainer, so you know whether they are being overserviced or not.

Email Timesheet report

Sharing timesheets with the team or customers is often a tedious task. Exporting CSVs, removing unwanted columns, cleaning up comments, grouping data and adding some style and structure can be quite time consuming.

Our timesheet reports, lets you search logged time, group it in multiple levels, remove unwanted entries, patch up comments and send it over to your customer with your own custom CSS stylesheet, including your own brand logo and colours.

Deadlines Calendar

Wanna know what deadlines are coming up this week? You can see calendar with all your job and item deadlines in a monthly view or a weekly list view. Drag and drop items on different days to update them back in Streamtime!

Jobs Dashboard

Knowing how much was billed on a job is good, but it’s meaningless if you can’t compare that to the budget or how much the job cost to do. The jobs dashboard brings those relations together.

Are jobs on budget? Are they getting billed in advance? How much more can we expect to bill on the work in progress? What’s the value of work currently in the studio? The slider lets you filter out the small jobs, so you can focus on the really important work.

The jobs dashboard shows you how many new jobs came into the studio each month and at what total value. It also shows you a forecast of income based on the remaining billable value of jobs and the job deadline.

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Most agencies already create a forecast in Excel, but usually it is no more than an export of the work in progress with some extra figures added in. It time consuming to create and tedious or near impossible to keep it up to date with the many changes a creative studio is facing day in day out. In the best case scenario the team will produce a forecast at the start of each month, which is already out of date the very next day. Very frustrating!

wayahead offers an easy way to create the revenue forecast and keeps the data linked directly to your work in progress in Streamtime so it’s always up to date! Information is manipulated with the same ease as keeping an Excel file up to date and the results are added up on the fly to give a 12 month forecast.

Additionally, if you use Xero, wayahead lets you compare the forecast to the sales budgets set in the Xero Budget Manager, bringing everything into a single view.


The cashflow report gives you a 12 month projection of income and expenses for each month. Contrary to the invoice profit and annual revenue report, this report projects expenses in the month they occurred, not the month they were presumably billed out to your customer. This allows you to keep an eye on monthly cashflow in comparison to the agency’s overhead.

Invoice Contribution

This report offers a solution to a very common problem: How much did I bill this month and what is the agency fee or contribution on that revenue? It’s a simple enough question, but a hard one to answer, given the nature of creative agencies.

The problem is that not all expenses, like work outsourced to a freelancer, are billed on to the client 1 on 1. Expenses could be part of a bigger phase, that are billed under a different name. But billing is often also done in advance without any mention of expenses.

The invoice contribution report starts by fetching all invoices for a custom period: this month, last quarter, this year,… Next all related information to those invoices is fetched in Streamtime. To accurately determine the profit on an invoice, the system takes into account the job status, how many other invoices exist on the job, when other invoices went out, etc. The apps algorithm makes a calculated guess of expenses on each invoice and then allows you to overwrite this. Each invoice needs to be checked and validated once and is then stored for future reporting.

The invoice contribution report shows you graphs on revenue, gross profit and net profit per month and tells you which clients you made the largest profits on.

Annual Revenue

This report lets you see trends in revenue between different financial years. Is July usually a slow month for our agency or is this year particularly slow? This reprt gives you that exact information at a glance.

Set up a free trial and link it to your Streamtime account:

Weekly timesheet report email

Automatically receive one or multiple weekly emails with the team’s timesheet summary for the week. You can also send a report manually for any week in the past. The report can be sent to specific people or only to those who need a little nudge to complete their timesheets.

Weekly management report email

Automatically receive one or multiple monthly emails with key metrics about your agency, such as staff utilisation, client utilisation, billing and forecasting data.

As opposed to the weekly timesheet email, this report shows you staff performance for the entire month. It also gives you a balance of how time was spread, between billable, non billable and sales time. Furthermore, it also tells you which clients took up most of your time that month.

In addition it shows you what you’ve been invoicing in the last few months and what’s forecasted for the next few months. If you use Xero you can even compare these amounts against values from the Xero budget manager.

All of that. In a PDF. In your mailbox. Every month.

Items Report

This report shows you a list of ALL your items broken down by job. It offers different views based on performance, deadlines or assigned staff and offers answers to common questions such as: Which tasks have run over time? Which tasks are at risk of running over time? Which tasks are due this week or this month? Who is spending too much time on certain tasks. Which tasks don’t have deadlines assigned?

The task list can be filtered by staff, team, start date, due date, completion date, item name, status or client name. So… pretty much anything you want!

Performance Report

A must have for every single creative agency! Which team members are being most productive? Which types of work are we more and less efficient at? Which clients are getting overserviced and by how much?

It’s the answers to these questions that let you make important decisions as business owner or a studio manager.

The performance report gives you a simple diagram comparing how much time was planned vs how much time was used on the filtered tasks.

Custom reports

wayahead offers more than out of the box reports. If you have any specific reports on integrations you would like to build, that will give you even better insights or a competitive edge, please get in touch.